Personal Growth

The process of growing and learning about ourselves, our patterns, and our ways of relating in the the world can be a satisfying journey that provides greater clarity, self-confidence, freedom and healing. Maybe you've already worked on some issues but know there are still things holding you back. Maybe you find that you're ready for a deeper dive into you and want to know how to truly be yourself most of the time. Maybe you don't know what's wrong but you just feel off and want help sorting through the pieces. Whatever the motivation is, if you are interested in growing as an individual and want to be a positive force in your own life, therapy can be very supportive. I offer insight, reflection, tools and opportunities for deep somatic and emotional processing. If you are interested in growing, I'm interested in helping you on that journey.


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Rejection Sensitivity in Relationships

It makes sense that after painful experiences of rejection, people would arm themselves with vigilance and caution about …

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Childhood Trauma Comes with Us

When we bury our feelings, we bury who we are. Because of childhood emotional trauma, we may have learned to hide parts of …

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Trust in Yourself

When you start to say to yourself; “I trust myself,” you begin to restore faith in your judgment of others and …