Parenting in this day and age can be hard. We have so many demands and expectations on us - from family, friends, society and most importantly, ourselves. It is normal to feel stressed, worried, exhausted or frustrated at times. But if fears, doubts, despair or reactivity are getting the best of you and you're really struggling to stay connected to your kids and yourself as a parent, it's a good time to get some support. In my years as a child therapist, I worked with many parents on their daily struggles and can help support and guide you in this process. Sometimes we just don't know the best way to handle things and other times, our own childhood dynamics are activated and we're playing out unhealthy patterns that have been passed down through the generations. I can help you identify the places that need attention and get clear on what's needed - whether that's specific parenting strategies, personal work on your own trauma or co-parenting support with your child's other caregivers.


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