Anxiety can be pervasive scary or worried thoughts and it can also be full-blown panic attacks that feel like you’re having a heart attack. There is a wide range of experience with anxiety and how strongly it manifests from a troublesome thought pattern to physical overwhelm. It can be a result of trauma or persistent negative patterns in our early life.

Regardless, anxiety is a symptom of an overactive nervous system that needs to be soothed and recalibrated. Many different tools can help with this such as intentional breath patterns, visualizations, exercise and movement, meditation and body awareness – we use these tools to manage the experience of anxiety in the moment. But sometimes, anxiety is actually trying to distract us from other feelings and experiences that we have chosen to suppress for some reason – and in those cases, allowing the suppressed experiences to come to light and find resolution decreases or eliminates the anxiety. We achieve this through attention to body sensations and tracking the emotional patterns that correspond with those sensations – in this way, we get to the origin of the anxiety.


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