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Nine Ways to Ruin Romance

Avoiding these nine relationship blunders does not guarantee success on the dating front. No matter what, you’re likely to meet and kiss a few frogs, and to make all sorts of other mistakes when you do find the right person. That said, if you can avoid these common bugaboos, you’re likely to have much more fun and much less angst while looking for your special someone.

Robert Weiss, LCSW gives a great overview of common ways that people inadvertently blow their new relationship. So many of us have bad relational habits or deeply held insecurities or desperation for a partner that results in repelling others – and usually those that we most want close to us! The author breaks the errors down into 3 different categories depending on where you’re at on the new relationship spectrum in very straight-forward, no-nonsense approach. A useful read for those who are looking for a partner and a great barometer for identifying areas that you may want some help with.

Rejection Sensitivity in Relationships

It makes sense that after painful experiences of rejection, people would arm themselves with vigilance and caution about …

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Childhood Trauma Comes with Us

When we bury our feelings, we bury who we are. Because of childhood emotional trauma, we may have learned to hide parts of …

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Trust in Yourself

When you start to say to yourself; “I trust myself,” you begin to restore faith in your judgment of others and …