How to get started and what you need to know

Contact me

Call me or use the contact form to discuss your needs.

Complete paperwork

Fill forms out ahead of time and bring them with you.

Forms are on the sidebar or down below if you're on a mobile device.

Please review the Privacy Practices since they outline the particulars about confidentiality - I will have you sign a statement confirming that you have received them.

First appointment

Please come prepared to discuss what you want to work on in more detail and some of the related history.

Expect to talk about your expectations and hopes about therapy in general.

A good match between therapist and client is essential to the work so the first few sessions provide the opportunity for both of us to see if working together feels right; often it is clear in the 1st session and sometimes we need to have 2-3 sessions to be sure.

I welcome your honest feedback and concerns at all times throughout the therapy and especially encourage it in this important beginning phase.


Regular session fee is $120. First session is 50% off. I have limited sliding scale spots, please contact me if you need sliding scale.


Currently accepting:

Medi-Cal / Partnership Health Plan of California (sometimes referred to as Beacon Health Services)

If you have a PPO, I can be an out-of-network provider and give you a statement so that you can seek reimbursement.

I recommend checking with your insurance provider to confirm what they cover and how much they reimburse before you start.


My office hours are currently:

Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
Please check with me about available times

Location & Parking

884 Third St. in Santa Rosa, between E St. and Brookwood Ave. See the map for more info on location.

Suite D – upstairs and to the left. The waiting room is the door with my name on it.

There is a parking lot available behind the building.




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